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Canvas 'Two cockatoos'


Shannon O'Neill's latest collection "Birds in the abstract" explores the idea that we are all made up of energy. The conceptual idea of energy merging into a coherent reality. Shannon delves into a new medium of digital illustration creating a unique collection of her interpretation of Australian native birds emerging from the abstract. Each piece showcases her iconic use of colour and bold brush stokes.

'Two cockatoos' feature a pair of cheeky Major Mitchell cockatoos alternately know as the Pink cockatoo. Their indigenous name Jak-kul-yak-kul. Other names include desert cockatoo, and chockalott, chock-a-lock, joggle-joggle and wee juggler. Friendly birds, characterized by their noisy, lively nature and their impressive expanding colourful crests.

"I always smile when i see cockatoos, on all occasions they appear excited, full of energy, chatting to one another, laughing and dancing."

Framed canvas prints are framed in a standard natural float frame. See photo for the framing wood colours available.

Satin Canvas
Printed on a heavy weight, pro-grade canvas with a semi-tight weave. High-res coating stretches flawlessly, adding texture and showcases Shannon's vibrant art.

Turn around time
Printed, stretched and framed in Australia on demand, allow 2-3 Weeks plus postage time.

Australia - Time approx 2-5 days, depending on location.