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About Shannon O'Neill

Shannon ONeill contemporary Adelaide artist
Shannon O’Neill is a contemporary Adelaide, Australian artist. Known for her colorful abstract paintings and her one-of-a-kind statement jewellery. Shannon's range consists of original paintings, art prints, greeting cards and unique wearable art jewellery.

Her signature collection of one-of-a-kind jewellery is a bold, colourful statement. Shannon crafts each piece by hand, cutting her original abstract art and sealing in jewelers resin to create contemporary wearable art. The jewellery is as unique as is owner, with the endless colour combinations, its hard to stop at one.

Shannon has developed the fashion forward collection of earrings and necklaces over the past 3 years. The earrings range from large studs to small, medium and large dangles paired with a clay stud or metallic discs (copper, silver & brass). Hoops, a recent addition to the collection, which sold out at the the last Bower Bird market. The hoop easily enables the art to be reversed displaying the painting on the reverse.

The backs of the dangles have not been over looked, with Shannon's matecious attention to detail, each pair has a different painting on the reverse, sometimes the painting can be similar and other times a complete contrast in colour.

The modern collection is surprisingly very light to wear and the earring posts are stainless steel.

"i love creating the jewellery, each pair is different, contemporary yet timeless wearable art. It's exciting to cut up my art work into mini compositions that can be worn as a statement pieces. The feed back from my customers has been amazing and people just keep coming back for more, they love the fact they are so light to wear and that each piece is so different, although sometimes that makes it hard to make a decision." Shannon O'Neill.